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4 books you really should read in 2019

books to read in 2019

2018 has been a great reading year for me. Actually, I kind of took off a whole month to read when I wasn’t swamped with deadlines and discovered some new great reads. Of the many books I have read and reread, of course not including fiction, here are some books I think you should read in 2019 to self-educate some more

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth explores onto how passion and persistence lead to success. This book came to me just when I was looking for some clarity about my future. You see, when you are talented in different things, it is tough to pick one thing to focus on because you keep thinking, ‘I could excel in that other one as well’! As I read this book, learnt the important of picking one thing and persisting through it until you succeed. This is more of the concept of mastery whereby, spreading your focus on different things will you make you average but persisting on it will make you excellent.

Angela Duckworth comes up with a formula leading to achievement which are;

Talent X Effort= Skill

Skill X Effort = Achievement

I recommend this book for those who are likely to give in when things are tough, those lacking clarity in what to do and basically anyone who wants to learn how to achieve their goals over a long time of persistence and I believe this is basically every one of us.

The Power of Habit –Charles Duhigg

We are a result of our habits, and you will be surprised how habitual your life is. Turns out that some of the people who succeed do not do so because they are exceptional (although talent contributes to success), but they mostly do so by developing positive habits. Whether you want to quit an addictive behavior, develop discipline to get work done or even develop working systems in an organizations, habits will get you there. Charles Duhigg discusses researches on the success of different people from smokers who quit to football coaches and draws from real life examples how habits led to achievement.

Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman

I can’t tell how many times I have gone through this book. I still keep it by my bedside and flip through it from time to time. We really don’t realize how much emotions influence our daily lives. In this exceptional book, Daniel Goleman discusses how to achieve emotional intelligence which based on five main domains which are; self-awareness, managing emotions, motivating oneself, recognizing emotions of others and handling relationships. In this book, you will learn on effective ways to deal with your moods, manage anger and anxiety, how to be empathetic to others and build good relationships and simply how not to be a slave or a victim of your emotions. You will gain better control of your life if you take some of these lessons into practice.

Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahnemann

I am still reading this book/ and listening to the audiobook. This is a deep book that requires more than one take. Daniel Kahneman discusses how thinking influences our decisions in ways we don’t even realize. The biggest lesson I have learnt so far from this book is how we make decisions based on past attachment to things, called the sunk cost fallacy. For example, we have problems moving on from unfavorable situations because of how much we have invested in these situations whether its time, money, emotions and the like. I’m sure you can think of a relationship you couldn’t get out of even if it was toxic simply because you had invested so much time and emotions into it. Or a business /project that was failing but you were in denial for so long because of the investment you had made into it. Or that item in your house that you don’t use but you cannot get rid of it because you spent some amount on. I will review this book later after reading it and learning more from it.

I look forward to another year of self-education and most importantly, putting what I learn into practice. Are there some books you’ve read and can recommend?

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