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5 signs that introverts are happy people: In their own way

It is a common misconception that introverts are gloomy since they keep to themselves. Many think that we introverts are sad, boring people who walk under a dark cloud. When asked what they do for fun, the responses got from introverts may seem as boring or even sad to others. If an introvert prefers to spend a weekend indoors by themselves, they often get told, “Try to go out and have fun with some friends; you have friends, right?” To extroverts, it seems as if spending an entire weekend indoors is the most depressing thing, and they conclude that the introvert nation is an unhappy bunch.

Well, I can show you how introverts are happy people, except that what makes them happy is a little different.

5 Signs that introverts are happy people

They have a great sense of humor

Contrary to what many think, introverts do not lack sense of humor. Instead, they have a deep, dark (and sometimes dirty), ironic, subtle sense of humor. What they find funny is not what is on the surface but some inner message in the joke. Extroverts prefer more goofy and explosive jokes while introverts prefer more of witty jokes. What’s really interesting is that introverts don’t even realize they are being funny when telling a joke. Quietly, the joke is delivered and its effect ripples on for days. I follow introvert communities on social media and snigger every time I read something on the platforms. Some of the best books I have ever read are authored by introverts with an excellent sense of humor. Just finding humor in not so ordinary situations makes introverts happy in their not so ordinary world.

They keep their circle small

Ask an introvert to list their friends and I’m sure one hand is enough to count them all. Introverts are not social animals and keep their circle small. As a result, their lives have less drama as compared to those with all kinds of friends who bring different kinds of drama. To an introvert, The Real Housewives reality shows kind of friendships is a nightmare. “Why do we have to meet so many times”? They ask. “Why do we have to talk about her or her relationship”? A small circle of friends is a great source of contentment. These friends are reliable, understand you and will give their right arm for you. In an introvert friendship, there is no need for so many meetings to ‘catch up’. An exchange of memes and dirty jokes is enough to fuel the friendship till the next meeting is due.

Are content with their own company

Most of the dissatisfaction humans experience in life is as a result of our relationships. Whether it’s romantic, family, friendship, other people have a way to cause some form of stress in our lives. While extroverts thrive in presence of other people, introverts are content with their own company. Sometimes it may seem as if an introvert is lonely; yet alone does not mean lonely. Plus how can introverts be lonely with all that self-talk they do? Introverts derive satisfaction from being alone and while they may appear lonely to others, they are actually having the time of their lives. Further, most introverts are conscious about what others think of them. Being alone therefore means they can be themselves without pretense and fear of being judged by others. Isn’t that just bliss?

Indulge in lone hobbies

My ideal Sunday comprises a stack of books and a lot of green tea or a hot chocolate. Sometimes it involves hiking in the woods alone or with my also introverted significant other. Many other introverts take pleasure in indulging in lone hobbies such as creating some form of art, reading comics, hikes, traveling alone, listening to music, binging on their favorite show or just spending time with their pets. To an extrovert, this may seem like a boring way to spend a weekend while the truth is; it is heaven for an introvert.  Extroverts tend to prefer hobbies that involve interaction with other people such as sports (watching or playing), partying, catching up with friends and such. They derive their energy and happiness from interaction with others. So, during Monday morning conversations and an introvert tells you they spent the whole weekend indoors, know that is a very happy introvert.

They are passionate talkers

While many think that introverts are not talkative, when you get them to talk about something that they are passionate about, they’ll talk for hours. This is why introverts are terrible at small talk; and they will prefer not to talk about ‘ordinary things’. Once you strike their point of interest, be ready to listen. This makes introverts happy because for years, they will remember that one time they met someone who was willing to discuss something they are passionate about for a long time.

Introverts also listen more than they talk, and therefore hear more than what’s said in words. They hear the pain or concern behind spoken words so when they care about someone, it is very genuine. This makes them such genuine friends, lovers and even game changers in careers and sometimes politics because they put their whole heart into what they are passionate about. The satisfaction derived from this brings a lot of contentment.

Now that you know this, don’t feel sorry for introverts. We are actually a very happy bunch!


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