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5 Ways to Boost your Confidence and Self Esteem

5 ways to boost your confidence and self esteem

Self confidence and self esteem are touchy subjects that most of us prefer to sweep under the carpet. The truth is, each person struggles with some insecurity in one form or another. To get what we want, we have to get over the barriers we set for ourselves and reach out. This is why learning on how to boost your confidence and self esteem is really important. For example, you must have read books or quotes by Dr. Seuss at some point. Known for his brilliant children’s books, Dr. Seuss refused to meet children for the longest time. He didn’t feel confidence enough to face his audience (kids!) yet we continue to recite “Oh the places you will go’ to date. Eventually, he worked on his confidence enough to meet his adoring fans and was surprised that they didn’t even notice how nervous he was.

Ways to Boost your Confidence and Self Esteem

Feed that confidence with everything it needs

Confidence is like a sponge, and you have to feed it with positive vibes that it absorbs and swells. If it takes looking good, being well informed, reading out loud encouraging liners, please do that. Know what makes you feel good and do it continuously. Even how you look influences how confident you feel. A little work out to add a spring to your step, cleansing routine to make your skin grow, a touch of make up to enhance your features play a huge role in boosting your esteem.

Stop over thinking

Like Dr. Seuss, we sometimes give situations more thought than we should. Over thinking always leads to self doubt which punctures our esteem. I wrote some time ago about. Why you are experiencing self doubt and what to do about it. You should check this out.

Embrace your flaws

Our insecurities largely arise from some flaws that we have. Whether physical or behavioural flaws, we feel these flaws will be pointed at hence feel that we have to conceal them. Embracing and owning our flaws, when there is not much that we can do about them, means that no one can use these flaws to bring us down. For example, say you have a lisp when you speak and it makes you a bit sensitive, embrace it and acknowledge it, to yourself and to others so as it does not stand between you and your audience when you are communicating.

I got my braces late into my 20s and they made me speak with a lisp. It really didn’t bother me much but I was lecturing at a college at that time. So whenever I met a new group, I would say, “I got braces and sometimes my pronunciation may be affected. If you miss something I say, please let me know and I’ll be happy to repeat.” Needless to say, the class was nice about it and no one ever brought it up.  Had I let that get into my way of speaking in public, I could have foregone lecturing for a whole year till my braces were off.

Build a support system

Though I highly discourage placing your life in the hands of another individual (it would really break you if they let you down), building a support system does not hurt. This support system can be made of your close friend or two or your family, who are your cheerleaders and offer you moral support. Having a stable support system does contribute to your confidence. For example, my family is my support system. They are the best cheerleaders when I am soaring as well as the shock absorber when I am learning. Knowing the kind of family I have, I am not afraid of many things since I know they will always have my back.

Groom your mind

A makeover doesn’t have to by physical, it can be intellectual. Grow yourself, improve yourself mentally. Read books that are helpful, take a class about something you are interested in. The classes could be on anything; public speaking, social media management, flower arrangement and decor, make up classes, martial arts and self defense, financial management and record keeping. These classes give you a whole new perspective than you had. They widen your options about what you need to do. They also make you meet new people and hear different ideas from people. You grow mentally, think differently and give you a boost of confidence.

Have you done something to give yourself a confidence boost? Comment below and help others.


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