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3 tips on how to build self confidence

build self confidence

I enjoy watching transformation shows such as makeover shows. I love how the other person shows newly gained confidence, and that they are amazed they could pull a look that they didn’t even think they could. The newly transform person cannot believe how good they look, I even so one see herself in the mirror for the first time and ask after the transformation, is this me? They cry, they cannot believe that they can look as good as they do, or feel as good as they do. This is how much little changes can help you build self-confidence.

Transformation does not have to be by getting a new wardrobe and a few strokes of makeup, transformation can be mental, which is the most important transformation of them all. You can make a new person from your old you, one who is confident, appreciates herself, does not criticize yourself and feel that they can do anything that they want as long as they put their mind to it.

It takes time to go through any form of transformation. First, there is the denial that you don’t need it, or the feeling that you really cannot go through it. Status quo is very comfortable. And very hard to get out of.

You really can transform yourself from how you think, how you feel about yourself or how you behave.

It is a process. Do you know you can change your value of yourself, your esteem? You first really have to learn how to appreciate the person you are. You can be more than you think

You can really transform yourself and build self your confidence

Here is how;

Change your attitude

The moment you change your attitude and think positive things, it can have great impact on your life.

Possessing a great attitude is like having a secret weapon – John Maxwell

Having positive thoughts really does bring some happiness and therefore a confidence boost. A positive attitude increases your possibilities. You believe that you things will work out in your career, relationship, or in life in general. This is the opposite of overthinking which can kill your dreams whereby you think about all the things that could go wrong and therefore develop anxiety and self-doubt. When you doubt yourself, you doubt your abilities and this punctures and deflates your self-esteem such that you cannot even talk to others because you have so little faith in yourself.

Further, attitude, both good and bad, is contagious. When you pass your bad attitude to the people around you, you create a pessimistic circle. On the other hand, when you pass good attitude to those around you, you create a positive air and since the people around you influence your behavior, you ride in a confident circle with is great for your confidence.

Change a few things on appearance

I am not being vain here, but a little change in appearance really can give you a confidence boost. Whether it is a new hairstyle, a clearer face (for team acne like myself), a new frame for glasses, or improving your appearance in some sort of ways. These little things count. Just like the people in transformation shows, a change in your appearance can help you build self-confidence significantly.

Educate yourself

Gaining mastery in your area gives you a boost of confidence, since you are able to hold your end of a conversation on related topics. I cannot emphasize enough on the benefits of self-education, I have written a full book about it and how it can improve your life. When you educate yourself you become an expert in an area, you develop self-awareness, and all this contributes to a boost in self-confidence.

What are some of the tips you use to build self-confidence?

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