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Is Beyonce a Musical Genius or a Branding Genius?

Beyonce branding

Branding lessons from Beyonce

Let’s face it, Beyonce is not the most talented soul out there (Sorry Beyhives), we have heard better talents, better vocals, better music and a lot more. But then again, look at her, she is Queen Bee. She is adored, her music is catchy, her albums are waited for and talked about for days, her dance routines are used as work-out motivators and much more.

So what makes Beyonce, despite average talent, the Queen she is that is so desired and many want to be her? Branding! Beyonce is a branding genius. That is what she is, not a musical genius. Beyonce has branded herself into making us think she is the best, her fans, almost are convinced she is the best. Here are some branding lessons we can learn from her.

Consistency and hard work

Think about it, I don’t think there is a year that goes past that Beyonce does not release a song. We are always singing along and dancing to something of hers. Though she has made so much money in music, and her husband has much more, she still maintains her relevance by giving us something new, all the time. She does not allow us to forget her. She knows she is not the best out there, and therefore chooses to work twice as hard to make herself the best. As marketing genius Seth Godin says, Keep shipping. Beyonce keeps producing and shipping, whether good or bad stuff, she makes sure you have some of her stuff around you, so she is always in your mind.

Cut down that which drags you down

Beyonce started as a member of the group, Destiny Child. Though they were doing well for themselves, Beyonce must have realized she is a star and these other people were holding her down. It is said even when they were a group, she was very good at firing members of her girl squad when they slacked; remember she was girl boss since her parents were her managers. She eventually broke free and set out by herself and look at where she is! This may sound selfish since we encourage teamwork and helping others, but sometimes, to soar, one has to be selfish.

Have a support system

I was shocked some time ago when a Miss America won the crown and said she wanted to be a member of Beyonce’s dance squad. Is that even a thing? I asked. So it is, and it is what had ladies learn all the steps in Beyonce’s single ‘Single Ladies’. This dance squad is the support system that Beyonce has, that makes her dance routines get everyone moving. The producers, who work for her husband, is also another support system that Beyonce has. Unlike other artists who may come up with great music but have to keep to the selfish terms of the producers, she is able to churn out every single song she makes, whether it’s great or not.

Presentation matters

Beyonce has managed to present her music in such a flawless and well-packaged format, that people have bought the presentation already. Now, even when she presents less than desirable music, it is accepted and perceived great just because of how it is presented. How you package yourself really matters, especially if you do not have much to offer. for those with super talent, such as Adele, they do not have to offer so much in terms of presentation, as talent speaks for itself. People tried to shame Adele into losing weight, and she shut them up by asking if they listen to her voice or her body, I am here for Adele’s voice any time!

Learn what people want, and give them exactly that

Beyonce sings about all the things people want to hear, even when they don’t apply to her. Single Ladies had all the single ladies dancing in circles, Drunk in love all the lovers Drunk in love, Lemonade album had all the women having marital issues relate to it, Formation on some self-love. She dared to be vulnerable, different, raw, just because that is what all the people wanted to hear, more so on the feminism issue.

Don’t tell them everything

Beyonce is not very active on social media and does not share every part of her life on social media. She has some mysteriousness. This leaves her fans wanting to get more of her, therefore when she releases something; they are up to grab it. Being a little mysterious leaves people wanting more, and they never get bored of you. It keeps them interested in what you have to say.

Do you agree with me? Is Beyonce a musical genius or a branding genius?

Let’s discuss in the comment section below..


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