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No One is Coming to Save You

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Oh, have you watched Wonder Woman yet? I loved it! The movie gave me a reason to talk about saving yourself.

We spend most of our 20’s trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives.

When in our early twenties ( or late teens these days), we can’t  wait to be done with Uni so we can get good jobs and be independent: Pay our own bills, get into nice nightclubs without being ‘frozen’ at the door, afford nice shoes….and the like. Oh, the naivety!

After getting jobs and getting paid meager salaries (lucky you if you got a great job straight out of college) we encourage ourselves that in our 20’s we work to learn not to earn (there’s some truth to this).

However, no one likes being broke, and after some time, we are looking for a way out to a better career, better relationships, and better hustle.

Waiting for superman

One main challenge however is that many of us are stuck somewhere waiting for someone to save us. I knew of a lady who partied all her earnings and didn’t buy household items because ‘the hubby will buy them once I am married’. We think when we get married, our life will gain some stability, or your sponsor will connect you to a nice job and finance your trip to Abu Dhabi, or your hustle will get a break after getting an able partner with a hefty cash injection. We think our well connected uncle will talk to someone and get us an interview, or maybe your parents will throw you some cash (lucky you if they have some) boost your life one way or another.

When we have such kind of expectations of others, we stall. Time moves but we are not getting anywhere. We fail to water our grass since we are busy observing the grass on the other side as it grows. We don’t grow since we are waiting for a knight or a prince.

The truth is, you have to take your destiny in your hands, no one is coming to save you. No one will get you what you want. No one will give you direction.

Are you a little lost?

It is alright to be a little lost, especially in your twenties before know what you want. At this age many try out different careers, relationships and social circles and it is important as it is part of the learning curve. However, the moment you know what you want, go for it. Take all that you have and go for it. At this level, you have the knowledge, the experience, the intuition and it is time to take the bull by its horns and face the world.

When a knight comes in the name of an investor; or a prince in the name of a spouse, you’ll have found your footing. You’ll have found your thing. You will have more bargaining power when you can stand on your 6 inch heels (2-3 inches for me) and you can actually hold your end to bargain.

If you don’t do this now, sorry to say but you may be lost for a long time, or sadly, forever.

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