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Repetition is the Mother of Skill

Repetition is the mother of skill

Most times when we pick up a habit, it is not very easy to sustain it, especially if it is aimed to improve something in your life. Bad habits are easy to fall into, but good habits are not, they need effort.
Think about it, when you have made a decision to lose weight or just tone your body. You swear to work out every morning, and the first morning you are full of energy and you pump out all blood either in the gym of video workout. The second morning, your whole body hurts from the previous day’s working out and you decide to skip the workout on the promise that you will work out the day after. The same happens on the third and fourth day. Before you realize it, you have forgotten about the whole workout program and you are left feeling sorry for yourself.
While this happens to many of us, both in business and personal life, one must add some persistence. Repeating something is what makes it a habit. Science says that it takes 66 days to fully adopt a habit. This means you have to be at it for a full 2 months, and some extra days if you take a break during the weekend.
How do you get into a habit? Repeat, repeat today, tomorrow, the day after, until it becomes a part of your life. Repetition is the mother of skill. When you are also trying to acquire a new skill, how do you become good at it? Repetition, over and over, until you are good at it.
When training on online branding, some customers will say, ‘but I am not good at this’ and it looks like a huge hurdle they will have to go through. I insist though, that they have to do something, until they are eventually good at it. Write those articles, until you are finally good at it. Write that to-do-list and follow it daily until you are good at it. Track and record your income and expenditure every day until you are good at it.
Tony Robbins, who is a money master, insists that it is through repeating something that you eventually get good at it.
What is that habit that you are trying to adopt?

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