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Why peace of mind is a great asset

peace of mind

I think peace of mind is underrated and from what I see, peace of mind is a great asset.  When you are at peace with yourself, and your situation, it does not mean that everything is going great. No, it just means that you are at peace with how things are at the moment. Things could be better, but you choose not to stress over that. As a result, your life becomes very fulfilling. You possess an asset that no bank, or person, can take away from you.

This is why peace of mind is such a great asset:

Keeps you from addictions

Addictions develop from indulging into a behavior that make you feel good at that moment. When it makes you feel good at that time, you try it the next time you feel low and sure enough, you get the boost that you need, for that moment. No drug addict, alcoholic, shopaholic or any other addict planned to get where they are. They just fulfilled their need at that one time, then another, then the next one and before they knew it, they could not feel great without that fix.

However, imagine if they were peaceful with their situation at that moment? For example, if you are sad, because of a loss, it sure is a difficult thing. However, you reconcile it in your mind that losses, as hard as they are, they are a part of life. You pray, to whomever you pray to, that in all this difficulty, you get some peace of mind. Being peaceful will mean that you can manage what you are feeling by accepting that yes, it is terrible, but it is part of life, and eventually, it will become easier.

Keeps you from over spending on stuff you don’t need because you are content

Most times you lack peace because you feel inadequate. Sure, you could have a better car, live in a better house, travel to exotic places and have some nicer things. However, accepting and being content means that you are peaceful with your situation. As a result, you don’t over spend on things that you need in order to feel adequate. This is a great asset as it saves you from liabilities such as loans, unnecessary expenses and the stress that come from these.

Keeps you healthy

A lot of the health issues that we face come from our lifestyles. Ailments resulting from stress are such as obesity from stress-eating, headaches, ulcers, and some psychological issues. Having peace of mind keeps you healthy in such a way that you don’t stress over unimportant things. This is an asset as it saves you from costs associated with being ill such as medical costs, care receiving costs and even being kept away from your loved ones.

You have your priorities right

Peace of mind helps you create the right priority list. You make your mind to concentrate on things that matter as opposed things that you do in order to validate yourself or your position in the society. Things that really matter are such as family, self-growth, your career and legacy. Giving time to your family is a great asset as your family’s happiness reflects on you; you derive so much joy and contentment from having a happy family.

Whatever is denying you peace, try to step away from it and you will realize how much peace of mind feels awesome.


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