3 ways to reinvent yourself and regain control of your life

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reinvent yourself

Most of us have gone through a certain form of failure or loss. It could have been a relationship gone badly, a lost job, loss of a loved one, or a failed business or project gone wrong. When you are at the bottom of that hole, you wonder whether there is a time you will be alright again. Still, somehow, you find the strength to pull yourself up and crawl away from that hole. Continue reading

How traveling unveils the badass in you..

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traveling in europe

Traveling is both fun and scary. Going to a place you have never been is a scary experience by itself. Now, being to a place where they speak a different language, it is at its own level of scary. However, it is through facing the scary stuff that you discover that you can do anything that you want to be. My friend and I took a round trip to Europe sometime back and I must say we was both excited and scared but most importantly, by the end of it all, I was very proud of myself (and so was my friend).
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