How traveling unveils the badass in you..

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traveling in europe

Traveling is both fun and scary. Going to a place you have never been is a scary experience by itself. Now, being to a place where they speak a different language, it is at its own level of scary. However, it is through facing the scary stuff that you discover that you can do anything that you want to be. My friend and I took a round trip to Europe sometime back and I must say we was both excited and scared but most importantly, by the end of it all, I was very proud of myself (and so was my friend).
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Nightmare Airbnb experiences? How to avoid them

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airbnb review europe

An Airbnb experience can be great a great experience when visiting a new country. However, occasionally, you may come across some nightmare airbnb experiences. During my recent trip to Europe, I stayed at Airbnbs in different cities. Some were great while others, well, could be better. While some guests were great people who were accommodating, friendly, and clean, I stayed with a host whose house was dirty and unkempt. After my trip, I was evaluating some of the things I could have differently to ensure I got a nice place and here is what I came up with. Continue reading

Let’s Talk about Depression: Let’s Encourage Each Other to Seek Help

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lets talk about depression

Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels

I think we don’t talk about depression as often as we should, and with the rising rates of suicide, and people among us who are suffering from depression, it is time we talked about it openly and acknowledge that any of us can become depressed. Most importantly, we can encourage people to seek help when they express some symptoms of depression. Continue reading

5 signs that introverts are happy people: In their own way

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It is a common misconception that introverts are gloomy since they keep to themselves. Many think that we introverts are sad, boring people who walk under a dark cloud. When asked what they do for fun, the responses got from introverts may seem as boring or even sad to others. If an introvert prefers to spend a weekend indoors by themselves, they often get told, “Try to go out and have fun with some friends; you have friends, right?” To extroverts, it seems as if spending an entire weekend indoors is the most depressing thing, and they conclude that the introvert nation is an unhappy bunch.

Well, I can show you how introverts are happy people, except that what makes them happy is a little different. Continue reading

4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

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[Guest Post]

Subcultures are formed through a myriad of factors, such as geography, hobbies, beliefs, and lifestyles. Some are more recognisable or transnational than most like the hipster subculture, which is made up of predominantly young to middle-aged adults; while others, such as steampunk, are more obscure. These niches are often difficult to understand from an outsider’s perspective but each one has its own interesting story.

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