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How hiking (and physical activities) builds resilience

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hiking builds resilience

Every time I am straining for breath at the top of a mountain or a hill somewhere, I always ask under my breath, why am I doing this to myself? I could be in bed reading or doing something more relaxing. And yet, I will still find myself up another hill or a mountain in a couple of months. Why? Because I like how good I feel about myself later. I feel great after hiking. Tired to the bone yes, hurting in every part of the body, but great. I feel like a badass. Continue reading

7 reasons you are holding back from doing what you really want to do

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reasons you are holding backAre you holding back?

Often I hear people say, I want to start that designing business, I want to enroll for that course, I want to apply for that job, I have all the qualifications and I think I’ll get in, yet these people don’t get to doing that which they really want to. Most times, we know what we want, but we hold back because it scares us. What really scares us? Fear of failure? Fear of being judged? Continue reading

Why you should not compare yourself to others

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not compare with others
Comparison really is a matter of apples and oranges; incommensurable

Comparison is the thief of joy!

Theodore Roosevelt

In this life, it is very possible to find ourselves in the comparison wagon. I mean, some people we went to school with are buying real estate, having kids, being named in lists of most influential and successful and you most likely don’t have much to show for yourself.

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Differences between introverts and extroverts

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Introverts and extroverts

I have emphasized over and over the importance of taking a personality test and understanding your personality type. This is because this is such a crucial part of the process of gaining self-awareness. There are many personality types especially in the Myers Briggs spectrum. There are two main dividers of personality types. These are extroversion and introversion. Extroverts and introverts differ largely in their behaviors, temperaments, among other characteristics.

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3 tips on how to build self confidence

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build self confidence

I enjoy watching transformation shows such as makeover shows. I love how the other person shows newly gained confidence, and that they are amazed they could pull a look that they didn’t even think they could. The newly transform person cannot believe how good they look, I even so one see herself in the mirror for the first time and ask after the transformation, is this me? They cry, they cannot believe that they can look as good as they do, or feel as good as they do. This is how much little changes can help you build self-confidence. Continue reading

3 Self-taught Skills that you Need in Life- and they Pay Off!

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self-taught skills

Self Education, I firmly believe, is the only kind of education there is- Isaac Asimov

I am always talking about self-education because I believe it has the power to change your life. Through self-education, you can learn some self-taught skills that will make you a fortune. They will transform your life and make you a better person, a person who lives a much fulfilling life. Continue reading

3 ways to become more self-aware

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Self awareness is the key to self mastery

In my previous post, I discussed what self-awareness is and why you need it. We looked at how important it is to understand your emotions, feelings and how they contribute to your behavior. Now that you know what self-awareness is and why it matters, let’s look at three major ways various ways you can become more self-aware. Continue reading

How to Develop Great Relationships- No, this is not Dating Advice

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How to develop great relationships

Of course, they didn’t teach this one in school unless you want to count the introductory course on communication skills. As well all know, to live a full life, you need to create productive relationships, both professionally and personally. You have to learn through self-education how to create and maintain good relationships. I recently conducted a test to see what really matters in my life and having meaningful relationships was a top priority (I recommend that you take this test too). By meaningful relationships I mean good relations with your parents and siblings, a healthy relationship with your significant other, and fruitful friendships. Continue reading

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