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3 Self-taught Skills that you Need in Life- and they Pay Off!

self-taught skills

Self Education, I firmly believe, is the only kind of education there is- Isaac Asimov

I am always talking about self-education because I believe it has the power to change your life. Through self-education, you can learn some self-taught skills that will make you a fortune. They will transform your life and make you a better person, a person who lives a much fulfilling life.

First, I recommend that you take this test and determine what is important to you in life. Is it status, power, money, relationships? Once you do, you can determine which skills you can learn that will change your life. Here are some self-taught skills that will pay off in life.

What is a skill? A skill is the ability to do something well and achieve the desired results. A skill, like a behavior, can be learned.


While applying for a job, most of us have added onto our CVs that we can work unsupervised. What we are simply trying to tell our potential employer is that we are self-disciplined. But are we really? Most people would not get something done if they didn’t have someone following up on them.

Character is who you are when no one is watching

They say character is who you are when no one is watching. So is self-discipline. Are you able to discipline yourself such that you motivate yourself without external motivation? Or are you able to take up a task and persist through it until it is done? Self-discipline is something that will really pay off in life when you learn it. It is self-discipline that will make you no to bad company (even adults experience peer pressure), work on your dreams by simply motivating yourself, read a book instead of watching TV, wake up early and work out, eat the right food, and such. This is such a difficult skill to gain but once you have self-discipline, you will be amazed about how much more you can achieve simply by having the discipline to make the right choices.

Recommended book: Emotional Intelligence

Having a positive attitude

What’s the point? It’s not going to work even if I try so why bother? No one ever makes it alive anyway so why try? People still die even when they eat right and work out so what’s the point? Have you ever had such questions going through your mind? I know I have, we all have had some depreciating thoughts at some point. Having a positive attitude is something I have had to train myself to possess over and over, even when it’s raining and pouring all the wrong things in my life. A positive attitude gives you possibilities. It makes you think that you have options A all the way to Z and they are all worth pursuing. Having a positive attitude will give you a confidence boost since you believe in yourself and the universe as well, as well as in God if you do, and therefore, you have all the right arsenal to get things done.

Recommended book: Today Matters – John Maxwell

Learning to pick your battles

Another subtitle for this section is, The subtle art of not giving a f*uck. How you pick your battles will is a skill that moved me from one mindset to another. I used to care about all the little things, until I realized how much they ruin my day. When someone steps on your well groomed shoes, do you have a bad day all day, or even worse, follow them and ask them to apologize? The same happens in relationships. What kind of fights do you pick with your partner? Do you ruin both your days because of that dirty sock on the floor? At work, do you go confronting everyone over some silly office gossip or do you decide. “I am bigger than this, I won’t bother with it”.

When you learn to pick your battles you will experience so much change in your life. You will be less stressed about the things that don’t really matter and instead, focus your energy on the things that really matter. You will have good relationships with people around you since you choose not to focus on their weaknesses but remind yourself why they are in your life in the first place. This will also make you less of a complainer and more of a grateful person which is not only fulfilling for you, but for those around you as well.

Recommended book: The Subtle Art– Mark Manson


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