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4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

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Subcultures are formed through a myriad of factors, such as geography, hobbies, beliefs, and lifestyles. Some are more recognisable or transnational than most like the hipster subculture, which is made up of predominantly young to middle-aged adults; while others, such as steampunk, are more obscure. These niches are often difficult to understand from an outsider’s perspective but each one has its own interesting story.

Here’s a list of photo journals that give a glimpse into the world of sometimes rad or quirky, yet fascinating subcultures.

Incredible Waves: An Appreciation of Perfect Surf

Agile Book Swarm

(image: Agile Book Swarm)


4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

(image: Surfd)


4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

(image: Surfd)

One of the lesser adaptable communities is the surf culture considering that not all countries have easy access to surf-worthy waters. It is believed that surfing originated in Polynesia, although free-spirited people from California, Hawaii, and Australia popularised the sport. The laid back vibe of the community attracts people to hang around whether or not they end up going into the water. Chris Power’s Incredible Waves is a compilation of surreal surfing destinations and the people who brave through their waters. It captures the relaxed attitude of the surfing community as they wait to be humbled by the next big splash.


4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

(image: Complex)


4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

(image: Complex)


Hip hop is a subculture that many African Americans identify with, and consider as a way of life. It has deeply influenced fashion, a style of movement or dance, language, and of course, music. BIG SHOTS! is a collection of candid polaroids taken by Philip Leeds and features some of hip hop’s biggest stars such as Pharrell, Jay Z, and Snoop Dogg. Complex adds that some of the 350 photographs were taken in New York, the birthplace of hip hop, and that Leeds didn’t initially plan on turning it into a book. There are also shots of artists and fashion icons such as Naomi Campbell and André Leon Talley to give a taste of the extensive reach of its impact.

4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

(image: Complex)


4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

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Attraper Au Vol

4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

(image: GQ)


4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

(image: GQ)

Surfing’s land-based counterpart, skateboarding, also has a thriving subculture of its own. French photographer Fred Mortagne captures this sometimes daunting world of skaters around the world in a book he titled Attraper Au Vol, which means ‘to catch on the fly’. GQ Magazine describes this photographic journey as the most stylish coffee table book presumably because of the geometrically aligned, black and white stills of skaters mid-air. The subculture is here to stay with parks being put up especially in the UK, where aspiring skaters can practice their tricks or show off their skills. In addition, marketable brands such as Supreme that prescribe to the aesthetic associated with the culture are (image: GQ)sustaining the hype of riding on four-wheeled boards.

Bingo & Social Club

[Image: AnOther mag]

(image: AnOther Mag)

There is a secret world in the UK and it resides in the walls of antiquated bingo halls. London-based photographer Michael Hess published a photographic journal on bingo that was born out of a fascination with the interesting characters that frequent these clubs. He shared with AnOther Magazine that he felt compelled to document their lives and to tell a story through his photographs especially with live bingo in a decline. In this day and age, bingo continues to flourish but it is slowly leaving live gaming halls and moving to a virtual space. Online bingo caters to a wider audience with its promise of accessibility and the community it attracts remains active and as tight as ever. Foxy Bingo Reviews gives users the space to share their experiences which can encourage others to try the game. The results speak for themself with its online version showing significant growth in the past few years. Hess’s Bingo & Social Club manages to immortalise the surviving bingo culture through film before it gave way to digitalisation.

4 Photographic Books on Subcultures

(image: AnOther Mag)

These photographic books are great choices for people who want to be introduced to a few subcultures that still exist. For more on the subject, check out other reviews on The Book of Sarah that will expand your horizons and let you see the world through different perspectives.


the subtle art of not giving a fuck

The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck- A Review

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Oh! Don’t let the title fool you, it is a pretty decent book. I promise.

When I mentioned this book as one of the 5 books that have changed my life, I was about halfway done. Now that I am done (and rereading it already) I think it deserves a special review. I like Mark Manson’s fresh view of life, his unapologetic views and opinions and how out of the ordinary this book addresses things that we are all too decent to mention. Continue reading

5 books that have changed my life

5 Books that have Changed My Life

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Say what you want to say about self help books, but I learn something from every book that I read. Sure, some of these books make me roll my eyes the whole time as I read, because they sound so obvious and forced. However, from every self help book, (or any other book), I take a lesson that I find myself applying in my life.

I don’t want to be overly dramatic by saying these 5 books have changed my life; but sure enough there is a lesson or two that I have learned from them that have created some form of impact in my life. Here is my list of impactful books and the lesson I borrowed from them.

  1. Quiet- The Power Of Introverts in a World That Cannot Stop Talking – Susan Cain

Most times, when I tell people that I am an introvert, they don’t believe me. This is because I am very opinionated, vocal, have no problem at all addressing groups of people (I lecture in colleges and conduct training sessions). What those people don’t know is that when I am not standing in front of groups, I am curled up in my house reading, cooking, sleeping, watching something interesting or being inside my head over-thinking stuff. For the longest time, I didn’t know I was an introvert too. I tried keeping up with social events, which bore me within the first half hour then wondering what’s wrong with me and why I couldn’t enjoy hanging out with people for much longer. Often time, I was branded as snobbish, anti social or cold. Continue reading

motivation kenya

Does Motivation Really Work?

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I love motivational quotes and stories. If you follow me on social media then you know that I’m big on sharing quotes that I’ve come across. There have been arguments on whether motivation actually works; be it intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. I like engaging in self motivating activities, anything that keeps my energy level up.

Let me ask you, how do you feel after making yourself pretty to attend a fun event? How do you feel when somebody compliments you? Great, right? The same way a compliment boosts your mood is the same way motivation works. While there have been arguments questioning the effect of motivation on performance, there have been theories to prove on the effects of motivation.

Before I get to it, I’d like you to take a while and think of some force you believe in. Say for example, religion, the universe and such. A religious person will tell you prayers work. A person who believes in the universal rule will tell you that it works; whatever signals you send to the universe you get back the same. We could spend hours arguing on what works and what does not, depending on what we believe in, but the bottom line is, these work because they believe in their power. Continue reading

power of discipline

The Power of Self-Discipline

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“Vision will get you inspired. Discipline will take you there.” ~Christine Caine.

If you ask most people, they have brilliant ideas of what they want to do with their lives. Especially career wise and other related life areas. If you ask the same people why they have not yet worked on these ideas, excuses will come up. ‘I never have enough time’, ‘I need to earn some money first’, ‘I would have cleared my masters now but I don’t have time to write my thesis’, ‘I would have started that business, but I need to find extra time to work on it’, ‘I can lose weight, just that I don’t have time to work out’ and many more. While these may seem like valid excuses justifying why they’ve not done what they want to do, they are just that, excuses.

Discipline, though we fail to acknowledge is the force to getting anything done. The thing about discipline is that it’s uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. It kicks you out of your comfort zone. As a result of getting used to rules everywhere, in school, at work, we got used to extrinsic discipline. Meaning that you only follow the rules because they have already been set and there are consequences if/when you fail to follow them. So, when you set your own rules you relax and slack because hey, you have a choice and no one will scold you.

Lets be honest, who wouldn’t like a week of just slacking in the house watching a series or reading a book or doing whatever it is we do for fun? It is a very tempting activitity, and when we get time off our already set schedules, that is what we do. Relax, unwind, have some ‘me time’.

Continue reading

self doubt

Why you are experiencing self doubt and what to do about it

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“The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt” – Sylvia Plath

Most times, we don’t get what we want, not because it is unattainable, but because we doubt ourselves. Self doubt is something a lot of people struggle with. The truth is, self doubt is standing between you and your goal, and if you don’t work on that, it could make you a life you do not love.

Here are some of the reasons you may be experiencing self doubt;


Do you over think everything that you do? That is, before you make any decision, you churn it in your head over and over and then end up labelling it as not good enough? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should not give things a thought before you make logical decisions, but doing it too much makes you start doubting it. This is how irrational thoughts happen. You think so much about something such that they end up becoming negative thoughts and worries. Worry will never get you anywhere. It will only give you doubt and keep you from doing whatever it is that you really want to do.

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere”
Erma Bombeck

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