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7 reasons you are holding back from doing what you really want to do

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reasons you are holding backAre you holding back?

Often I hear people say, I want to start that designing business, I want to enroll for that course, I want to apply for that job, I have all the qualifications and I think I’ll get in, yet these people don’t get to doing that which they really want to. Most times, we know what we want, but we hold back because it scares us. What really scares us? Fear of failure? Fear of being judged? Continue reading

5 must-read self-development books

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5 self-development books you should read in 2019

Self-development books will teach you what you didn’t learn in school

I preach about self-development and self-improvement all the time. This is because I know the impact some self-growth can have on your life. I have witnessed it. Self-development does not only help you conquer your professional goals. You also get to have good relationships, know what you want and go for it, deal with issues such as self-esteem, self-doubt, anxiety among others, as well as increase your productivity. Here are some life changing self-development books you really should read.  Continue reading

3 ways to reinvent yourself and regain control of your life

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reinvent yourself

Most of us have gone through a certain form of failure or loss. It could have been a relationship gone badly, a lost job, loss of a loved one, or a failed business or project gone wrong. When you are at the bottom of that hole, you wonder whether there is a time you will be alright again. Still, somehow, you find the strength to pull yourself up and crawl away from that hole. Continue reading

the subtle art of not giving a fuck

The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck- A Review

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Oh! Don’t let the title fool you, it is a pretty decent book. I promise.

When I mentioned this book as one of the 5 books that have changed my life, I was about halfway done. Now that I am done (and rereading it already) I think it deserves a special review. I like Mark Manson’s fresh view of life, his unapologetic views and opinions and how out of the ordinary this book addresses things that we are all too decent to mention. Continue reading

5 ways to boost your confidence and self esteem

5 Ways to Boost your Confidence and Self Esteem

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Self confidence and self esteem are touchy subjects that most of us prefer to sweep under the carpet. The truth is, each person struggles with some insecurity in one form or another. To get what we want, we have to get over the barriers we set for ourselves and reach out. This is why learning on how to boost your confidence and self esteem is really important. For example, you must have read books or quotes by Dr. Seuss at some point. Known for his brilliant children’s books, Dr. Seuss refused to meet children for the longest time. He didn’t feel confidence enough to face his audience (kids!) yet we continue to recite “Oh the places you will go’ to date. Eventually, he worked on his confidence enough to meet his adoring fans and was surprised that they didn’t even notice how nervous he was.

Continue reading