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3 ways to reinvent yourself and regain control of your life

reinvent yourself

Most of us have gone through a certain form of failure or loss. It could have been a relationship gone badly, a lost job, loss of a loved one, or a failed business or project gone wrong. When you are at the bottom of that hole, you wonder whether there is a time you will be alright again. Still, somehow, you find the strength to pull yourself up and crawl away from that hole.

After such an experience, there is always that huge desire to bounce back. You feel like you need a better version of yourself to face the world again, I like to call it a Me 2.0. Reinventing yourself is not easy, but it is so necessary.

Most importantly, the fact that you have decided to find ways to bounce back shows that you have taken the first and the most crucial step.

There is a Japanese quote that goes; fall down seven time, get up eight.

Here are some practical ways through which you can reinvent yourself.

Work on yourself

You can work on yourself by taking time to do things that make you happy. Take a holiday if you can, go on a hike, read, take a course and learn something new, whatever you do, do it just for you. This is especially important if you are just out of a relationship whereby you had been doing so much for others that you almost forgot what you like. Well, this is the time to build yourself. Doing something just for you is very satisfactory, you feel as if you are getting a grip on your life all over again.

Spend some time alone

I really do believe in the power of solitude. I remember a time I took about a year to focus on myself. I needed that since I felt so lost and let down that I didn’t know what I liked and what I didn’t like anymore. During that year, besides going to work, I spend all my spare time alone. I reconnected with my books and remembered how much I loved reading. It is during this time that I read Quiet by Susan Cain which made me accept and appreciate my introversion. I simply embraced solitude and listened to the depths of my soul. I realized how much I loved being alone such that by the time I was letting other people into my life, they had to be better than my solitude.

Surround yourself with the right people

When you are younger, you take a lot of pride in having many friends. As you grow older, you realize the numbers don’t count, the depth of friendships do count. Today, I can count my friends on one hand, and yet I am so satisfied with these friendships. These friends have seen me through it all, and they have remained with me. Such friends become your support system and you know they are with you for all the right reasons. Never underestimate the power of a support system be it family, friends, or a community of people going through the same thing you are, they can help you heal.

If you are going through a hard time, I really do hope that you get past if. When you do, the sun shines brighter on the other side and you will be thankful that the moment of darkness made you appreciate the sunshine even more.


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