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How to Make the Best of Your Low Moments

We all experience some low moments at some point of our life. It may not be rock bottom, but you were feeling pretty low due to some event in your life.

Some causes of low moments are:


When you are jobless or in between jobs and you don’t feel so sure about where you’re headed. This comes with some anxiety, stress and uncertainties especially revolving around your finances. Joblessness can also cause you to experience low self worth. On the brighter side, it gives you some time to your hand. If you had saved enough to keep you going for a while, you can use the time you have to focus on something else.

A relationship break up/ divorce/ separation

Our relationships play a very important part in our lives. When they go wrong, our emotions are highly affected and we feel very low. As opposed to when you can pick up a bad habit when a relationship goes sour, you can pick up a good habit, which is even better. A breakup, gives you some more time in your hands.

Low business seasons – for business owners

If you are self employed, sometimes business is really low and it comes with a lot of uncertainties. One feels low and is thinking of other ways to make the business work


This could be in loss of a loved one, family member, a miscarriage, a friend or something you held close to your heart. Loss causes heartbreaks, which can make us go through some very dark moments in our lives.

Lack of motivation

You know those mornings you wake up and don’t want to get out of bed? It happens to most of us. You know you have things to do but your body, heart and mind is just not up for it. This periods last from a day to even months.


For whatever reasons in your life, depression can happen. Most times we are depressed even when we are not aware we are. I will write about symptoms of depression and how to deal with it.

Illness and recovery

A long time illness leaves someone feeling weak and sensitive. Depending on the kind of illness, the recovery period varies, and sometimes it takes months.

Making the best out of your low moment

Give yourself a makeover

It happens that most times there are some parts of our lives we’d like to improve. It could be losing weight, fitness, looks etc. During your low moment, take some time to improve something that will make you emerge from the low moment feeling better. Start working out, either at home or a gym. (Working out at home is one of my favourite things to do. It saves the cost of going to the gym, having an instructor yell at you, work out at my own convenience and teaches me self discipline). Consider jogging, running or participating in fitness activities. Get that body you’ve always desired and maintain it. Get a makeover in other areas in your life. For example, get a treatment you’ve always wanted to such as skin treatment to make you glow, develop and adopt a skin care regimen, eating healthy and sticking to it, hair care regiments, improve your home ( a new coat of pain, wallpaper, plant a few flowers, clean all corners).


Work makes us lose our social life. It happens that we work most of the time and have little time to connect with our loved ones, friends and relatives. A low moment, such as joblessness comes with some spare time. Pay your parents a visit and stay with them for a while. Seek out old friends and relatives that you’d like to have in your life but barely get time to do so. Spend more time with your spouse making up for lost time. Reconnect with yourself too; remind yourself who you were before you got too busy and everything started moving too fast.

Adopt a new hobby or revive old ones

Do you have a hobby that you no longer have time for? This is the right time to pick it back, if it makes you cheer up. It could be baking, cooking, playing a sport, traveling etc. If not, pick up a new hobby. I have a friend who underwent depression, and became an avid reader, yet he was not much of a reader before.

Soul searching and discovery

Take this time to search soul and discover yourself. I recently had a conversation with a friend who is a former colleague. After she lost her job, she took some time to participate in some women rights activities. She discovered her calling and is not very actively doing something she is very passionate about.

Allow yourself to be bored

If you are used of being active, it is very difficult to allow yourself to get bored. You always try to find some activity to fill in your day. This is something I struggle with too. I don’t know how to sit back and allow myself to get bored. Yet it is during these bored times that your mind wanders, and creativity comes in. I am learning to do this and it is making me evaluate myself and come up with new ideas.


Get rid of things in your life and home that you don’t use. In your wardrobe, I’m sure there are a lot of clothing items that you no longer need. Take them out and donate them to those in need. Declutter your home too, throw away those wine bottles, broken furniture, and any physical excess baggage. Decluttering makes you feel light and gain some clarity in your life.


Lastly, relax, just like waves life as its ups and downs. I like this quote from the animation Sing when Buster Moon says:

“You know what’s great about hitting rock bottom? There’s only one way to go, and that’s up!”

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